SUKI: Structured and Unstructured Knowledge Integration

Workshop at NAACL 2022 at Seattle, WA on July 14, 2022

Program Schedule

Workshop Location: 502 - Cowlitz slides
Poster Session Location: Regency A & B and

Thursday July 14, 2022 Pacific Daylight Time

  • 08:45–09:00 - Opening Remark
  • 09:00–09:45 - Invited Talk: Heng Ji. Schema-guided Event Prediction.
  • 09:45–10:30 - Invited Talk: Percy Liang. Entities in the World are Closer than they Appear: Pre-training with Language and Knowledge Graphs.
  • 10:30–11:15 - Invited Talk: Jonathan Berant. The Atoms of Knowledge Integration in Question Answering.
  • 11:15–12:00 - Invited Talk: Hanna Hajishirzi. Toward Knowledge-Rich and Robust NLP.
  • 12:00–12:30 - Lunch Break
  • 12:30–01:30 - Poster Session (Location: Regency A & B and
  • 01:30–02:15 - Invited Talk: William Cohen. QA Is the New KR: Question-Answer Pairs as Knowledge Bases.
  • 02:15–03:00 - Invited Talk: Julian Eisenschlos. Efficient Methods for Learning from Tables.
  • 03:00–04:00 - Shared Task Session
    • Champion: team Ant Risk AI from Ant Group
    • Runner-up: team [MASK] from Nanjing University
    • Honorable Mention: team TabT5 from Google Research
    • Honorable Mention: team LYZD-FinTech
  • 04:00–04:45 - Invited Talk: Luna Dong. Next-Generation Intelligent Assistants for AR/VR Devices.
  • 04:45–05:00 - Closing Remark

Invited Speakers

William Cohen (Google) Heng Ji (UIUC) Luna Dong (Facebook) Jonathan Berant (Tel Aviv University)
Julian Eisenschlos (Google) Hanna Hajishirzi (University of Washington) Percy Liang (Stanford)

Organizing Committee

Wenhu Chen (Google/University of Waterloo) Xinyun Chen (UC Berkeley) Zhiyu Chen (UCSB) Ziyu Yao (George Mason University)
Michihiro Yasunaga (Stanford) Tao Yu (University of Washington/University of Hong Kong) Rui Zhang (Penn State University)